What To Note About North Carolina Felony Expungement Process

 In North Carolinas, it's possible to have felony expungement.  However, it deems fit to acknowledge that not all the felonies and persons are eligible for the expungement. Through this article, you will garner some facts about felony expungement and ways to determine whether you are eligible. 

The state of North Carolina has made it possible for some felony convictions to qualify for expungement.  Basically, these new amended laws have made it possible for the North Carolina expungement process to be simplified from the word go.  The new laws have made it possible for the people convicted of felonies to file their expungement petitions sooner than when the old law was in position.

Generally, you can have the felonies that you were convicted of expunged where the court found you not guilty.  Another fundamental that can lead to your case or felony being expunged is where your case gets dismissed.  Your age during the time of the crime and the conviction charge that you received plays an integral role in expunging your record. Read on glass g felonies

 Basically, not all, persons are eligible for the felony expungement.  Thus, keenness is necessitated when it comes to understanding the eligibility terms for the expungement.  At the same time, the crimes that you have committed will determine whether you are eligible as some crimes aren't.  You will, never be eligible if your crimes are violence, sex and drunk driving related. Conclusively, all felonies that fall under Class A all the way to Class G aren't eligible.  If your crime isn't eligible, you should consider petition pardon with the governor.  Nonetheless, you need to understand that the governors pardon is not fully guaranteed. 

 Once your crime is eligible there are conditions that will help define whether you qualify.  Basically, you need to be 18 years and above and this is the primary requirement.  This means that only people who are 18 years and above are able to petition for an expungement.  There is a waiting time that you are subjected to before your record can be expunged.  Where you need to file your expungement petition, you should have cleared all your court's predefined charges or rather costs. Also, there is need to prove that you have paid these costs including any fines or restitutions.  You should be free from criminal summons, open criminal cases and any parole or probation. 

 It deems fit that you hire an expungement lawyer once your crime and yourself meets the threshold.  Basically, your lawyer plays an integral role hence the need to hire an experienced one. Basically, the attorney you settle for will have to examine you thoroughly so as to determine whether you are eligible. View https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3EG4al9INk